Welcome to Carlos A. Piedra Dentistry

Carlos A. Piedra Dentistry is one of North Florida’s most trusted Dental Care Service providers. Located in Gainesville, Florida we offer Comprehensive Dental Care for a wide range of applications that include: Teeth Whitening, Routine Check-ups and Cleaning, Dentures & Partials, Dental Implants for missing teeth, Metal & Non-Metal Fillings for teeth with cavities, plus much more.

If you are a seeking to make an appointment or wish to learn more about our Dentistry Services please call (352) 378-1700 or contact us via email at info@piedradentistry.com to have one of our representatives assist you with your inquiry.

mainpage_image_08aOur goal at Carlos A. Piedra Dentistry is to provide you with the best evaluation of your current dental health as well as options for repairing damage if needed. We determine a workable regiment that incorporates behavior conducive to dental health wellness.

mainpage_image_08b We offer many Restorative Dentistry options for missing and damaged teeth like dental implants, crown & bridge, and inlays/onlays. We provide our clients with the opportunity to recapture their original smile, or improve it. We are also available for emergency dental situations like accidents.

mainpage_image_08c From subtle changes to major repairs Piedra Dentistry can perform a variety of Cosmetic Dentistry procedures to improve your smile. We are highly skilled in many techniques and offer several options to choose from like teeth whitening, dental implants, and veneers.

mainpage_image_08d Piedra Dentistry is one of the few practices that specializes in TMJ and Occlusal Therapy. Many common dental problems stem from disharmony between your “meshing bite” and where the hinge of your jaw comes together when you bite.